Application Review Process

The following process will occur within 2 months of the application deadline:

  1. The grant application is received.
  2. The CIF Grants Administrator reviews all applications to confirm basic eligibility requirements are met and the application is complete. Applicants may be contracted by the CIF Grants Administrator to provide clarification or further detail on their budget or proposed project.
  3. Eligible applications are forwarded to the relevant Adjudication Committee, based on the location and/or type of project. The CIF's Adjudication Committees are composed of volunteers from across the province with a range of knowledge and experience relevant to the CIF's funding objectives.
  4. Recommendations from the Adjudication Committees are forwarded to the CIF Board for final consideration and approval.
  5. Applicants receive written notification of the outcomes of their funding requests within 2 months of the application deadline.

Funding recommendations are based on a competitive, merit-based process. CIF program funding is limited, and not every eligible application may receive funding. The amount approved for each project may be less than the amount requested and is based on how closely the project meets grant criteria, eligible expenses, the number of requests received, and consideration for providing support across the province. If awarded a grant, you will be required to sign and return a funding agreement. Alternatively, your application may be declined or you may be asked to provide more information and reapply. You may appeal a decision by sending a written request to the CIF Board within 60 days of notification.

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The project is aligned with one or more Program priorities. 
  • The application is complete. All questions must be answered and responses should provide enough information for the adjudication committee to make a recommendation. 
  • The proposed expenses for the project are eligible under the Program. 
  • The project supports a demonstrated need or community priority. 
  • The project will address the need or issue. The project is feasible, will reach its intended audience, and is likely to achieve the expected benefits and outcomes for participants. 
  • The project complements other community initiatives. The project involves partnerships, is not a duplication of services, and has community support. 
  • The project includes an evaluation plan for determining its success and the outcomes achieved by participants. 
  • The budget is realistic and supports the project design and key activities. The application demonstrates rationale for the funding requested and how other financial resources will be secured to support the project. 
  • The project benefits smaller, rural and Northern communities; urban and rural Aboriginal peoples; newcomers; and those facing barriers to participation.

Questions? Contact the CIF Grants Administrator by Email or phone, 306.780.9308.