CIF introduced new program guidelines in early 2018.
Before completing your grant application, you are strongly encouraged to read through the guidelines to ensure your project and expenses are still eligible. The CGP guidelines provide information on CIF’s current funding themes and priorities, eligible applicants, application deadlines, grant amounts, the application process and review process, eligible and ineligible expenses, and other important notes.

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Application Guide - The information in this guide is designed to help you complete your Community Grant Program application as easily as possible!

The Community Grant Program provides grants to support programs and projects that fall within one of these three funding themes:

  • Healthy growth and development of children and youth; 
  • Individual and community wellbeing; 
  • Nonprofit and community leadership. 

Specific outcomes for each of these themes are identified in the guidelines.

CIF expects that all programs funded through the Community Grant Program will be:

  • Inclusive of all ages, ability, gender, income and cultural backgrounds; 
  • Accessible, safe, and age and ability appropriate; 
  • Affordable; 
  • Prevention based with a focus on long term outcomes; 
  • Community based. 

Questions? Refer to the guidelines or contact the CIF Grants Administrator at or 306.780.9308.