Tracey Mann
Executive Director

Welcome to the Community Initiatives Fund!

Many locally-led community projects and programs are being supported through the Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund. Our programs contribute to improved quality of life through grants supporting childhood development, positive life choices, active living, volunteerism, community celebrations and facility upgrades!



CIF's Feature Story: Stronger Together; CNC June 2016

The June 2016 Feature Story is on the Stronger Together; Community Networking Coalition. 

“As our project name indicates, we believe that as a community we are ‘stronger together.’ This is the goal and major outcome of our project. Prince Albert is a community with significant challenges to its social infrastructure. Many people working in agencies, nonprofit organizations, and various helping professions often feel isolated and overwhelmed by the volume and severity of need presenting itself in the community. At the same time, a perfect storm of cut-backs, re-deployment of staff, increased demand, and changing priorities have meant that training and support for those on the front lines has all but dried up! This is where the Community Networking Coalition (CNC) comes in” shares Delphine Melchert, CNC Facilitator. 

For the full story, click here.


Saskatchewan Social Enterprise Sector Survey 2015

The results of the Saskatchewan Social Enterprise Sector Survey 2015 have been released! This is the first profile of social enterprises in Saskatchewan. Social enterprises work in communities to achieve training, income, social, cultural, and environmental mission. They contribute to local economies and growth while striving to address social inequalities. Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey.

Check out the full report here

Similar surveys have been conducted in other provinces across Canada and the results of these surveys are available here


Final Community Places & Spaces Program Deadline

October 1, 2016 is the final deadline for the Community Places and Spaces Program. The program supports small capital renovations that improve the quality, sustainability, and long-term use of multi-purpose community facilities such as halls, recreation facilities, and playgrounds.

Please refer to the guidelines before applying. Apply here!

Over $4.5 Million Awarded to 273 Projects! (Dec 2015)

We are excited to announce that 273 projects are receiving $4,551,287 in funding from the Community Initiatives Fund! These projects support a wide variety of projects across Saskatchewan through the Community Grant and Community Places and Spaces programs (October 1st deadline). Check out our media release for more information as well as the complete list of grant recipients and their projects!