As a Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) grant recipient, you are required to recognize CIF for providing a grant in support of your project. You are asked to consider every opportunity to recognize CIF throughout project delivery. This may be accomplished in any combination of the following activities:

  • electronically through websites, e-newsletters, bulletins, blogs, and/or social media  ;
  • in printed products, advertisements, brochures, posters, newsletters, annual reports, media releases, signage, and/or correspondence; and,
  • publicly during a community gathering or celebration, and/or at exhibits and displays.

Read our Recognition Standard Guidelines

Vertical CIF logos:
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Horizontal CIF logo:
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Grant Recipient Certificate:
As a CIF grant recipient, you may choose to print and display a CIF Grant Recipient Certificate. Just click the relevant year to download the fillable certificate, add your organization's name, print, and display!

Optional messaging to include with CIF's logo:
The Community Initiatives Fund contributes to the quality of life of Saskatchewan’s residents by providing grants for projects supporting healthy growth and development of children and youth, individual and community wellbeing, and nonprofit and community leadership.

Questions regarding recognition? Contact the Community Relations Coordinator at or 306.780.9394.