Community Stories & Initiatives

CIF Community Stories

CIF is committed to highlighting the impact of the diverse community programming across Saskatchewan which we help to fund. Stories come from both the Community Grant Program & Summer Grant Program, spanning all streams of funding themes. 

Each month a new community story is included in our E-Update & shared via social media channels. 

2022 Community Story Recap

In 2022, CIF community stories featured 11 diverse programs happening across the province. These programs took place in a variety of communities, from the Northern Village of Denare Beach to Weyburn.

Indigenous culture & storytelling, programs benefiting newcomers to Saskatchewan, and programs for folks with Autism were all included in the 2022 community stories. There were also a variety of programs aimed at the healthy development of children and youth featured. 

Read all 11 2022 Community Stories here!

Interested in stories featuring programs funded through the Summer Grant Program?

Summer Community Stories

CIF is involved in Unique Strategic Initiatives

In addition to our traditional grants, CIF will sometimes identify and support particular initiatives that involve and benefit a large number of partners, organizations, communities, or participants. These initiatives demonstrate strong alignment with CIF’s mission, strategic directions, values, funding objectives and priorities. Current initiatives that CIF supports include:

Dream Brokers
Dream Brokers facilitate the involvement and participation of children and youth in sports, culture and recreation activities and programs. The Dream Brokers program works in close partnership with select inner city schools and the community to connect children, youth and their families to eliminate barriers to participating in local programming in Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, North Battleford and Prince Albert.

Gambling Awareness Program, Canadian Mental Health Saskatchewan
The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Gambling Awareness Program delivers community based prevention and education initiatives to strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities in Saskatchewan to gamble responsibly and to identify and respond to gambling problems. 

CIF is involved in Strategic Partnerships

CIF is actively engaged in partnerships and initiatives that are aligned with our mission and strategic directions. These opportunities allow us to participate in, and contribute to, provincial initiatives outside of our grant program. Current partnerships that CIF is engaged in include:

Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership
The Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership (formerly referenced as the Saskatchewan Network of Nonprofit Organizations or SNNO) is an informal partnership of organizations collaborating with one another and others toward the betterment of the nonprofit sector. Through research, networking, public awareness, sector strategy development and thought leadership, the Partnership aspires to achieve a nonprofit sector that is widely recognized as a fundamental and essential contributor to Saskatchewan’s success. 

The SaskWellbeing measures eight inter-connected domains that allow us to monitor changes in quality of life and wellbeing for our citizens, and provides community based organizations, all levels of government, businesses and citizens with the evidence required to inform policies, decisions and actions at the provincial, regional, and/or local level. The SIW provides data specific to Saskatchewan that is relevant and meaningful provincially.