About CIF

The Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created by the Government of Saskatchewan through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act. The CIF receives a portion of the net revenues from casinos Regina and Moose Jaw via the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation and distributes those proceeds to support community-based projects throughout Saskatchewan. Since our establishment in 1995, we have distributed more than $148 million to over 400 communities across the province.

The CIF is governed by a Board of eight appointed members who may serve up to two four-year terms. Bringing a broad range of knowledge, experience and regional perspectives, our Board, individually and collectively, is deeply committed to the wellbeing of Saskatchewan communities, and their oversight of the Fund is reflective of this commitment. You can learn more about our current Board members here.

Operating at arms-length from government, the Board is accountable to the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport for the CIF’s performance. We work closely with the Ministry throughout the year to ensure Saskatchewan residents and communities are benefitting from the CIF’s investments.

Our Mission

The Community Initiatives Fund makes knowledgeable and effective investments in community-based initiatives throughout Saskatchewan that strengthen the capacity of communities.

Our Vision

The Community Initiatives Fund Board and staff visualize a future of vibrant, resilient, sustainable and proud Saskatchewan communities whose citizens are engaged and actively working to enhance quality of life.

Our Strategic Directions

1. The CIF will be a strategic and innovative funder.

CIF will be a strategic and innovative funder through ensuring our adjudication and administration process is consistent and transparent. Saskatchewan’s community needs, trends and innovations will be monitored and integrated into CIF’s planning and programming. Our program outcomes will continuously be established, measured and shared with our audiences. CIF continues to seek out opportunities to collaborate with other funders to share knowledge, practices and engage in joint initiatives. Furthermore, the CIF looks to facilitate stakeholder relationships that encourage information sharing, alignment of initiatives, engagement of partners, and leveraging of resources.

2. The CIF will play a key leadership role in support of community organizations.

CIF will play a key leadership role in the support of community organizations through building the capacity of the voluntary sector and working towards being an effective funder and resource to Saskatchewan communities.

3. The CIF will have the internal capacity to achieve its mission and strategic directions.

CIF aims to strengthen the internal capacity of our Board, staff and adjudication committee members’ through increasing the knowledge of best practices, trends and innovations in grantmaking. CIF will explore emerging opportunities to enhance its mandate and continually seek to enhance and improve its governance and operations.

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