About CIF

The Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created by the Government of Saskatchewan through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act. CIF receives a portion of the net revenues from casinos Regina and Moose Jaw via the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation and distributes those proceeds to support community-based projects throughout Saskatchewan. Since our establishment in 1995, we have distributed more than $163 million to over 400 communities across the province. More than 10% of the province’s population, primarily children and youth, benefit annually from CIF’s support of these initiatives.

CIF is governed by a Board comprised of members who may serve up to two four-year terms. Bringing a broad range of knowledge, experience and regional perspectives, our Board, individually and collectively, is deeply committed to the wellbeing of Saskatchewan communities, and their oversight of the Fund is reflective of this commitment. You can learn more about our current Board members here.

Operating at arms-length from government, the Board is accountable to the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport for CIF’s performance. We work closely with the Ministry throughout the year to ensure Saskatchewan residents and communities are benefitting from CIF’s investments.

Our Strategic Directions

1. CIF will be a strategic and innovative funder

The Community Perspectives Survey, first undertaken in 2016, was repeated in 2019 to evaluate stakeholders’ experiences with CIF and our grant program processes, as well as to enhance CIF’s understanding of current and emerging community priorities. 483 respondents provided valuable feedback that resulted in enhancements to our communications and resource documents regarding grant administration processes. Of those who applied for a CIF grant utilizing the new grants management system, 89% rated their experience as “good” to “excellent”, an improvement over experiences with the previous system. 

2. CIF will play a key leadership role in support of community organizations

Nonprofit organizations and community groups are integral to the wellbeing and quality of life of residents throughout Saskatchewan. CIF is committed to supporting the nonprofit sector in our province and supporting initiatives that build the capacity of staff, Board members, and volunteers to better serve those accessing programs offered by their organizations.

In partnership with Heritage Saskatchewan, CIF released the first Saskatchewan Index of Wellbeing report in October 2019. In consultation with other stakeholders we are exploring opportunities for communicating the findings of the report and supporting various types of organizations to utilize the Index as a resource in policy and program planning. Further, CIF continues to serve as a member of and host for the Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership. A second provincial summit was held in June 2019 attended by 75 nonprofit sector leaders. Attendees endorsed the direction of the Partnership and articulated sector priorities that will form the focus of the Partnership’s work over the next two years. This includes establishing an organizational structure that invites greater participation from the sector in addressing the priorities.

3. CIF will have the internal capacity to achieve its mission and strategic directions

CIF’s Board and staff are committed to continuous learning and improvement in our governance, management, and grantmaking practices. To support this goal, the Board’s Governance Committee leads an annual Board Self-Assessment process, identifying areas for enhancement in our governance framework, and Board development topics that are incorporated into the Board’s regular meeting agendas. Our knowledgeable volunteer Adjudication Committee members are critical to the effective delivery of our Community Grant Program, and we strive to ensure they are provided with the resources and support required to fulfil their roles. A survey of CIF’s adjudication committee members was undertaken in 2019. Their feedback is critical and is being incorporated into the review process going forward. 

Our Annual Reports:

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