Community Grant Program


Community Grant Program Guidelines

The Community Grant Program supports programs under three funding themes: the healthy growth and development of children and youth; individual and community wellbeing; and nonprofit and community leadership. Programs must begin no sooner than 2 months after the application deadline and must be no more than 12 months in length. They may be offered continuously throughout the year, may be for a defined time period (e.g. an 8 week program), or may be short-term such as a one-day session.

Want to learn more about what types of programs are supported under each theme? Community Grant Program Funding Themes


Application Deadlines

April 1 and October 1 at 4:00 p.m.

Grant Amounts
Maximum of $30,000/local program
Local programs benefit residents of one community or region.

Maximum of $50,000/provincial program
Provincial programs are a) delivered in two or more regions; or b) involve participation from across Saskatchewan. Provincial applications must clearly identify how they qualify as a provincial program.

There are four funding regions – North, Central, South and Provincial. Refer to the Region Map & List to determine the appropriate region when applying.

To be eligible to apply to CIF, an applicant must be:

  • An incorporated Saskatchewan nonprofit organization whose primary purpose and activities are to benefit Saskatchewan communities; or 
  • A municipality, health region, school or school board proposing a community-based, community-led program; and 
  • In good standing with CIF (e.g. there are no outstanding reports or re-payments). 

The CIF is not responsible for any costs incurred by applicants for programs that begin prior to notification of the CIF Board’s decision (2 months after the application deadline) and will not be funded retroactively. If an applicant has an outstanding CIF Final Report or repayment, an application to CIF will not be considered until the outstanding grant is reconciled.

Organizations may be approved for a maximum of two (2) Community Grant Program grants per year. Applications for grants during the same year must be for different programs.

If an organization has received a Community Grant Program grant that includes program delivery over the summer, they are not eligible to apply to the CIF Summer Grant Program for that program.