Final Report Requirement


The CIF requires all grant recipients to complete a Final Report within 60 days of project completion for each grant received. This completed report must be provided before the final payment representing 20% of the total grant will be released. This report must include copies of invoices, receipts, payroll records, or similar items that verify project expenditures. Any unused CIF funds, or funds used for purposes other than that approved by the CIF, must be returned to the CIF.

The CIF may request proprietary information for verification purposes and will not release this information, except as required by law. Information will be securely stored for seven years, as required by The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act, and then destroyed.

FINAL REPORT for Community Grant Program
FINAL REPORT for Community Places and Spaces Program

Your completed Final Report must be submitted by mail to:
Community Initiatives Fund
Rhonda Newton, Grants Administrator
1870 Lorne Street
Regina, SK  S4P 2L7

Questions? Contact the CIF Grants Administrator by Email or phone, 306.780.9308.