To be eligible to apply for any grant from the Community Initiatives Fund, an applicant must be:

♦  An incorporated Saskatchewan nonprofit organization whose primary purpose and activities are to benefit Saskatchewan communities;


♦  An unincorporated volunteer community group that is endorsed by an eligible organization. Endorsing organizations may be Saskatchewan nonprofits, municipalities, health regions, schools or school divisions that agree to receive, administer and account for CIF grants on behalf of a community group. 

Your organization must not have any outstanding reporting or repayment requirements with the CIF. As well, the CIF will not retroactively fund projects. This means that your project cannot be funded if you are asking the CIF to support project activities that have begun before you receive notification from the CIF about your application. 

On-reserve projects may be eligible if the applicant meets eligibility criteria and the project primarily benefits people living off-reserve.

Questions? Contact the CIF Grants Administrator by Email or phone, 306.780.9308.