CIF introduced new program guidelines in early 2018. Before completing your grant application, you are strongly encouraged to read through the guidelinesTo be eligible to apply to the Community Initiatives Fund, an applicant must be:

  • An incorporated Saskatchewan nonprofit organization whose primary purpose and activities are to benefit Saskatchewan communities; or 
  • A municipality, health region, school or school board proposing a community-based, community-led projects; and 
  • In good standing with CIF (e.g., there are no outstanding reports or re-payments).

Projects must begin after notification of approval by the CIF Board (2 months after the deadline date) and will not be funded retroactively. CIF is not responsible for any costs incurred by applicants for projects that begin prior to notification of the CIF Board’s decision.

Projects that primarily benefit First Nations people living on-reserve are not eligible regardless of where the project occurs. Projects on-reserve may be eligible if the applicant meets eligibility criteria and if the project primarily benefits First Nations people living off-reserve.

Music festivals, competitions and tournaments, centennials and homecomings, and other events are not eligible. Some events, such as those that promote and support ethno-cultural awareness and education, multiculturalism, or First Nations and Métis cultural identity, may be eligible if they are aligned with the Funding Themes and Priorities and are free to the general public to attend.

For more information on eligibility, read CIF’s guidelines.

Questions? Refer to the guidelines or contact the CIF Grants Administrator at rnewton@cifsask.org or 306.780.9308.