Deadlines and $ Details


CIF introduced new program guidelines in early 2018. Before completing your grant application, you are strongly encouraged to read through the guidelines to ensure your project and expenses are still eligible. 

Application Deadlines:

  • Annual Grant - April 1 & October 1
  • Summer Grant - February 1

Grant Amounts:

  • Annual - $25,000 / Local project 
  • Annual - $50,000 / Provincial project 
  • Summer - $5,000

Annual grants support programs that are no more than 12 months in length and are not summer programs. Programs may be offered continuously throughout the year, may be for a defined time period (e.g., an 8 week program), or may be short-term projects such as a one-day training session.

Summer grants support programs held between May 1 and August 31. Summer grants support only programs, or the portion of programs, that benefit children and youth – grants are not intended to support adult programs that occur during the summer, events, or the summer portion of annual programs. 

Local projects benefit residents of one community or region. Provincial projects are a) delivered in two or more regions; or b) involve participation from across Saskatchewan. Find your CIF Region by community or view the Regional Map.

Questions? Refer to the guidelines or contact the CIF Grants Administrator at or 306.780.9308.