Adjudication Committees

CIF’s Community Grant Program adjudication committees are composed of volunteers from across the province with diverse experiences and knowledge relevant to the CIF's funding objectives. Committee members come from a variety of professional careers including nonprofit leaders, recreation professionals, educators, artists, municipal administrators as well as community volunteers. 

Adjudication Committees are responsible for reviewing applications and making grant recommendations to the CIF's Board of Directors. The Northern, Central and South committees review applications for projects within those regional areas, while the Provincial committee reviews applications for projects that occur in more than one region or that involve participation from throughout Saskatchewan. Please view the regional map and a breakdown of the regions by community.

CIF currently has adjudication committee members from 14 various communities across Saskatchewan.

2017 Adjudication Committee Call for Interest

Each year, CIF invites applications from individuals throughout Saskatchewan who are interested in serving on one of CIF’s four Community Grant Program adjudication committees. Recruitment will begin again in Fall 2018. Please find an example of the previous 2017 details and application form.

Note: this package will be updated and reposted in Fall 2018. If you are interested in applying, please check back in early October 2018 or sign-up to our e-update to receive a reminder email indicating when to apply!

If you have any questions about the application process or adjudication requirements, contact Matt Leisle at 306.780.9397 or