The Hula Hoop Surprise!

Langham Tailors Plans for Future Summer Programming

Summer youth programming in many Saskatchewan communities offers summertime activities and crafts, especially for those who remain at home through July and August. Although summer crafts and games are fun-filled activities, here's how one community plans to broaden and bolster interest in its future summer youth programming.

This summer the Town of Langham offered programming with various crafts, hip-hop dance lessons and skateboard instruction for ages five through sixteen. Participation averaged ten youth daily, ebbing in July when many families begin vacation, visit relatives or children attend camp, then gradually increasing in latter summer.

"The goal of our (Langham) summer programming is to provide activities that stimulate and appeal to youth and adolescents." says Corinne Waldner, recreation director with the Town of Langham. "When their interests are captured and they learn a new skill or technique, then return and bring friends so more join in, that's when we know we've met the mark!"

The challenge is to keep on top of what captures the changing interests of youth and adolescents.  What's great now may not be quite as popular in a few months. So Waldner does her homework...checking online, inviting comments and ideas through the Town's social media venues, talking with youth groups and nearby community leaders, even reading leisure community guides from larger centres like Saskatoon and North Battleford.

"It's been an educational summer for  me." says Waldner. "We were thrilled to have a record crowd at our skateboarding demonstration on August 14, and we're pleasantly surprised and excited about a growing interest in learning how to Hula Hoop!"

Waldner concludes that trends are the answer and forming partnerships may be the key. She explains that Langham's community library has also offered great summer programming, so by pooling reosurces, the Town of Langham could accommodate a broader variety of interests and some exciting, innovative features for next summer season.

Langham is located one-half hour by vehicle northwest of Saskatoon.



Activities at Langham, Summer 2013.  Photo credit:  Community Initiatives Fund (Hogarth Photography).

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