Small But Mighty! CIF Helps Dodsland Celebrate 100 Years!

In tenacious Saskatchewan fashion, Dodsland is planning its celebration of the Century! This west central Saskatchewan village of about 200 residents will soon host hundreds more as those young and old, from far and near, will retrace their roots and return to celebrate their village’s pride, history and longevity this June.

From car shows to slow pitch, face painting to pie making contests, Dodsland is the place to be June 7th to 9th. Its Saturday morning parade now holds over 50 entries and the weekend’s attendance numbers promise to top 700! With a carnival atmosphere and an unveiling to commemorate its heritage, village residents and volunteers, service groups and local industries are stepping up and standing tall in both planning and presence for Dodsland’s Centennial.

“We’re expanding our campground areas, anticipating we’ll need more RV parking and hotel accommodations.” says Regan MacDonald, administrator of the R.M. of Winslow and Village of Dodsland representative. “Proudly celebrating this community milestone is attracting a lot of people. Just yesterday we learned of a family who now lives in Homewood, Alabama who will return home (to Dodsland) to help us celebrate!”

Planning for the Dodsland event began well over a year ago and has been regularly injected with encouragement and generosity. The Dodsland Centennial Committee received in-kind contributions from many dedicated volunteers and the Lions’ service club, and financial and service contributions by local industries and businesses in support of the event.

“Our grant from the Community Initiatives Fund made it all come together.” says MacDonald. “We are small in numbers but we’re proving we can work well together and get things done, all the while unifying our pride in this great community!”

“Centennial events like those in Dodsland not only help celebrate Saskatchewan’s history and community achievements. They also bring people together with pride and purpose.” says Tracey Mann, executive director, Community Initiatives Fund. “We (Community Initiatives Fund) are pleased to have contributed to Dodsland’s celebrations.”


Adjacent to the Dodsland townsite, in one week's time this vacant ball diamond will accommodate a children's festival and some ball games as Dodsland celebrates a sustainable 100 years. 

Photo credit:  Dodsland Centennial Committee.

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