School Playground Near La Ronge is Fun for All!

New playground equipment for pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 students now benefits the entire community around the Gordon Denny Community School, located about five minutes by vehicle south of La Ronge in the village of Air Ronge.

Student enrollment at this northern Saskatchewan school has steadily increased since 1992, and with almost 275 students attending, the Gordon Denny Community School Playground Committee set out to provide safe and inviting playground equipment for the students and their families. Abundant playground equipment, they felt, would encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among its young Aboriginal student crowd.

Chocolates anyone?

Fundraising for the project began almost two years ago with bake sales, hot lunches and movie nights. The students also sold garden seeds, gift cards, chocolates, and other catalogue products. The School's Parent Council donated proceeds from other fundraising drives and several local businesses contributed to the cost of the new equipment.

Playground revitalization soon became a reality at the Gordon Denny Community School. Parents and community members considered the many equipment options and then, by consensus, selected the playground equipment.

A thank you to all.

Community and parent volunteers pitched in again when the equipment arrived in early September 2013 by helping place and assemble the structure with supervision from the supplier playground company. When the equipment was installed, funders and volunteers were acknowledged at a mid-September Bar-B-Q and ribbon-cutting ceremony with over 400 community people attending.

"We wanted our students and their families to enjoy being out-of-doors, getting fresh air and being physically active." says Laura Park, resource teacher and Playground Revitalization Committee member. "The bonus as we see it is that many more from our community...those living nearby and the extended families of those who attend the school...are also drawn to the new playground structure. Now, even Sundays are busy at our school!"

Community life at play!

So with enormous collective pride, the new playground equipment quickly became a daily highlight for the students and their families. But equally exciting and with welcome surprise, many additional community members and their families--no matter if their children attend the School--now visit the playground and enjoy these facilities.

"The kids love the new playground! Rain or shine, they are physically engaged!" says Park. "We could not have created this heart-warming community hub of activities without the $35,000 grant from the CIF."



There's always activity around Air Ronge's Gordon Denny Community School playground, installed                                     September 6, 2013. (Photo credit:  Gordon Denny Community School)

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