Saskatchewan in motion's re:activity!

Saskatchewan in motion has recently launched its newest multi-media campaign to encourage Saskatchewan families to become more physically active. The campaign is called re:activity and is directed to parents and their families. Saskatchewan in motion is part of the Community Initiatives Fund’s programming to support active living and physical activity through local, regional and provincial initiatives.


This campaign includes short videos for parents and their children, together, learning of the benefits of more physical activity each day. The first in a set of five-minute webisodes is posted here. It features one family’s journey to reduce screen time and increase physical activity. The webisodes include complementary tools and resources to help busy Saskatchewan families become more active.  


“Your kids aren’t as active as you think they are,” says Cathie Kryzanowski, general manager of Saskatchewan in motion. “Less than 15 per cent of Saskatchewan children and youth are getting the physical activity they need every day to be healthy and productive.”


Almost everything counts. Dancing and swimming, canoeing or walking—even yoga or gardening—all contribute to physical activity. Sound easy and a bit like fun? Find out more by visiting Saskatchewan in motion


Physical activity and healthy living go hand in hand. Why not gather your family, plan for some fun, and mix up your activities for about 60 active minutes a day?  Visit re:activity today for ideas to get you moving. 

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