Partners with Purpose at Regina Community Fair

Healthy Living Through Diabetes Awareness


Over 500 of Regina’s community residents were provided opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles and controlling diabetes at the North Central Healthy Community Fair on August 21, 2012. Many gathered to learn more about the disease and enjoy a healthy lunch and aboriginal entertainment. Everyone was welcome and the event was free of charge.


Presented by the Regina Capital Cosmopolitan Club and coordinated through the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger, Inc. (REACH), those attending discussed health-related issues with an on-site health care team and learned about healthy cooking, and the benefits of exercise. Vegetables, fruit and bison burgers on whole-grain buns were a key attraction around noon that day. Posters and handouts promoted healthy eating and identified foods with high sugar content, the basics of the link that ties sugar with diabetes.


“Reducing hunger by providing nutritional and health information to residents takes many steps … and many partners.” says Dana Folkersen, executive director of REACH. “This community fair is a prime example of how a broad partnership of organizations can achieve a shared goal. We're grateful for the Community Initiatives Fund's generous support of this event!”


“Many of those attending don’t receive regular medical care and are at high risk for diabetes.” says Warren Wagner, Saskatchewan’s regional director of the Canadian Diabetes Association. “Several were counseled to seek medical attention from a doctor or at Regina’s Diabetes Education Centre.”


A host of partners and sponsors contributed to this one-day fair. The Community Initiatives Fund contributed $5,000 for event coordination through its SUMMER Community Grant Program to the Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger, Inc.. Other key sponsors were Evraz Place and Bayer, and partners included the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region-Aboriginal Home Care, Four Directions Community Health Centre & Seniors Healthy Living, North Central Community Association, REACH, HELP, and Safeway.



Photo credits:  Community Initiatives Fund

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