What's On the Line: CIF Supports Problem Gambling

Problem gambling prevention has long been the focus of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in Saskatchewan. CMHA’s Problem Gambling Community Program helps inform, guide and facilitate an understanding of the challenges of problem gambling among Saskatchewan residents.

More recently CMHA has marked the success of its newest program, “What’s on the Line?”  This program is targeted at 18-24 year-olds, those with twice the gambling rate of the general population. Highly visible displays attract Saskatchewan’s post secondary students’ interest and encourage dialogue at campuses across the province. Interactive games such as Beat the House card game, Turn to Learn spinning wheel, and Cost of Play calculator are featured in these displays and teach students about “house advantage” and various other issues related to problem gambling. In a fun and engaging venue, outreach coordinators share their knowledge and often partner with responsible gaming specialists to enhance students’ experience.  

“We (Canadian Mental Health Association) are the most experienced outreach team responsible to help educate people about the potential risks associated with gambling”, says Shauna Altrogge, director of the Problem Gambling Community Program.  “For most people, gambling is fun and a social activity, but for others, gambling can quickly become a problem. What’s on the Line? helps us work with university students, those at significant risk of developing a problem.”

Although What’s on the Line? reaches 18-24 year-olds, CMHA has developed programs for a range of audiences and anyone may participate. All CMHA services are provided at no cost to residents.


The What’s On the Line? Team at  University of Regina . L-R:Rachel Clare, Abigail Anderson, David Jones, Shauna Altrogge.
Photo credit:  Canadian Mental Health Association.

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