New Norm on Crime Prevention in the North

Pinehouse Takes the Lead!


Last July the Police Management Board in Pinehouse began a six-month pilot crime prevention project aimed at reducing break and enter, drinking and driving, and other crimes of damage to private property around Pinehouse in northern Saskatchewan. The pilot is designed for replication throughout the North, should project results help reduce adolescent crime in this area.


The Pinehouse Crime Prevention project represents a broad partnership including the Northern Village of Pinehouse, the Police Management Board, the Northern Lights School Division, local Elder groups, law enforcement and various other community groups. Contributions include an office with computer and desk, access to the community training centre and free weekly radio promotion across northern Saskatchewan, all helping to match the Community Initiatives Fund’s $25,000 grant for this project.


Delivery includes informative workshops with safety tips aimed at grades 10 to 12 across the Northern Lights School Division that further educate, then encourage students to reduce and help prevent drinking and driving and other adolescent criminal activities.  Project evaluation includes a comparison of crime, vehicle injury and other northern health indicators before and after project delivery. Overall, it is anticipated property damage will decrease and residents will feel increasingly safe in their homes and neighbourhoods.


“We’re striving to set an example for crime prevention in Pinehouse and a model for the entire North.” says Phyllis Smith, chair of the Police Management Board in Pinehouse. “We want to show that crime can—and will—be reduced through strong, targeted community awareness in Northern Saskatchewan communities.”









Clayton Natomagan (above) is Crime Prevention Coordinator 

 for the Crime Prevention Project at Pinehouse. 

 Photo credit:  Clayton Natomagan 

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