Kipling's Fit for Life Program Makes Great Strides


L:  Older Adult Fitness at Kipling. (Photo credit:  The Kipling Citizen). R:  Kipling's Summer Slam Volleyball Skills Camp was a big hit. (Photo credit:  Kipling and District Parks and Recreation Board)


Kipling's Fit for Life program offers something for everyone. Active throughout the year, this suite of physical activities is designed for all ages and captures the interests of almost everyone. ...

Through the summer, Kipling's H2O (water) Camp involved those 15 and older with toning exercises in the Kipling swimming pool. On August 6-8, with assistance from qualified volleyball instructors, over 70 youth, ages 12-17, honed their skills at Kipling's Summer Slam Volleyball Skills Camp.

Each Tuesday morning from September to June, Older Adult Fitness classes offer light cardio and strength training, including balancing and flexibility, for those 55 and up. Many in their late 70s and mid-80s are attending! Also this Fall, the Kipling and District Parks and Recreation Board provides Tuesday night yoga and fitness classes with cardio and strengthening for those 15 and older. From November to March, a youth and adult Learn to Curl Clinic is offered to those 10 and up. Participants of the free youth curling clinic require only a broom and a slider to join.

During winter months and at least twice per week, there's early morning Winter Walking in the Gym, and a Fit Kids Program on weekdays for after school physical activity. The Learn to Curl and Free Throw (basketball) Fridays were requested and are proving to be a great hit with Kipling's Filipino Canadians.

About 100 newcomers to Canada have joined Kipling's 1,100 residents in the last two years. Curling and basketball through the Fit for Life program keep residents and newcomers routinely returning and socializing, as well as becoming more physically fit.

"It's a coordinated approach, designed to entice each and every community resident--of any age--to become more active, more socially involved, more integrated into our community." says Susan Hengen, recreation programmer with the Kipling and District Parks and Recreation Board. "It's a great way to welcome and become acquainted with those new to our area as we also become healthier and more active."

Open to all Kipling and area residents, Fit for Life offers easy access to participation with minimal or no-cost entry for activities. The program was designed to boost physical activity levels to meet or exceed the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines.* Hengen indicates that national data about Canadian physical fitness were accurate for her area and that most Canadians tend to ignore health predictions related to low levels of physical activity.

"So we decided to do something about that." Hengen explains. "We are offering various physical activities so we can capture an interest from almost every resident."

Overwhelming participation--about 370 involved--in the Fit for Life program suggests there is a lot going on in Kipling, two hours by vehicle southeast of Regina.


*Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines indicate:  Children 5-11 years AND Youth 12-17 years need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily; Adults 18-64 years AND Older adults 65+ need 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic physical activity per week in bouts of 10 minutes or more.

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