Heating Up Mayfair's Hall

Heating it Up!

February in Mayfair is Theatre Time.

Community theatre isn’t just about the planning and theatrical practice. It’s about the guests and residents, a great location and the overall experience. At Mayfair in northwest Saskatchewan, residents are gearing up for their February theatrics in their community hall.

“Our hall is the life blood of our community,” says Kolin Bulmer, president of Mayfair’s Recreation Board. “It’s the venue for our annual community theatre in February, and for many weddings, graduations, reunions, even large funerals. It’s also used for wildlife fundraising dinners, horn measuring and local fish-fry’s, so it (the hall) serves our community well.”

“But we were always working on those hall furnaces so people stayed warm during the February theatre performances. … Until now.” says Bulmer.

Bulmer explains it is vital as well as expensive to maintain the Mayfair hall, built in 1981. With funds from the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) Mayfair has recently replaced three hall furnaces and new duct work so this February’s theatre will be comfortable.

“We’re always fundraising with bingos or theatre drama nights, and with $18,000 from the CIF, we’re helping sustain community life, and our great community spirit.” says Bulmer. 


ATTENTION READERS:  Mayfair’s Community Theatre will be held Saturdays and Sundays the last two weekends of February:  the 18th and 19th, 25th and 26th. Kolin Bulmer, tel: 306.445.9721 or kcbulmer@littleloon.ca has details.


Photo credit:  K. Bulmer, Mayfair Recreation Board

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