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Sept 2016

Is the Community Initiatives Fund in your community yet? 

The CIF supports community projects that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, & adults of all ages. Projects may involve early childhood development, youth programming, volunteer leadership, physical activity, Aboriginal inclusion, facility upgrades or renovations, and community celebrations. 

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Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016

Thinking of applying to our Community Places & Spaces Program or Community Grant Program? The next deadline is midnight October 1st. Please refer to the guidelines before applying.

Community Places & Spaces Program:
 Offers grants for small capital projects and upgrades to multi-use community facilities. Final Deadline: October 1, 2016.

Community Grant Program:
 Community grants that enhance the health and wellbeing of Saskatchewan's children, youth and families. Annual Deadlines: April 1 & October 1. 

Summer Grant: Support activities for children and youth that occur between May 1 & August 31. Annual Deadline: February 1.

Feature Story: 
Bridging the Gap; Sask Wheelchair Sports Association

“who knew doing something good for you,.jpgBridging the Gap, Getting Physically Active, is a recruitment program specifically designed to help individuals with physical disabilities become aware of wheelchair sports and recreation options available in Saskatchewan. Bridging the Gap specifically targets individuals of all ages with a physical disability; however, able bodied individuals are welcome to play wheelchair sports. 

“Our project is focusing on persons with a disability in rural areas. There is usually a smaller population of persons with a disability in rural Saskatchewan therefore our project will meet with them one-on-one or in a small group to bring Para Sport and recreation opportunities to them in their community” 
shares Andrea Muir, Executive Director of SWSA.

For the full story, click here.

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Resources & Events:

Resource Roundup: Succession Planning 
Every month, the CIF features a new Resource Roundup PDF on a specific topic. This month's topic is on Succession Planning! Find various resources on how to successfully plan for a change in leadership in your organization from HR Council, Imagine Canada, Charity Village, and more! Click here. 

The Word on the Street Saskatoon 
The Word on the Street Saskatoon is happening Sunday, September 18 from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Participate in author readings, discussions, and activities. There’s plenty to see and do for the whole family. Click here

CHRC Launches Talent to Lead 
The Cultural Human Resources Council has launched Talent to Lead (T2L), a new pilot program designed for mid-career cultural managers seeking to take their careers to the next level of leadership. The deadline for applications for the first cohort (English) is Sept 15; the call for applications for the second cohort (French/English) will be in December. Click here

Canadian Public Opinion on Aboriginal Peoples 
A national survey reveals what non-Aboriginal Canadians know and think about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. The results show that an increasing majority of non-Aboriginal Canadians recognize at some level the historic disparities and current challenges facing Aboriginal Peoples in this country. Click here. 

Innovations in Health Equity 
This special supplement examines the organizations and programs that are addressing social inequalities in housing, transportation, work, and other parts of society that create disparate health outcomes. Click here.


Other Funding Sources:

Multicultural Initiatives Fund (Deadline: Sept 30, 2016) 
SaskCulture's Multicultural Initiatives Fund aims to advance multiculturalism in Saskatchewan by supporting projects encouraging people in Saskatchewan to share, learn, appreciate, respect and accept cultural diversity. Click here. 

Recreation Equipment Program (Deadline: Oct 1, 2016) 
This program offers south east communities an opportunity to apply for funds to purchase recreation or physical activity equipment. The purpose of the program is to enhance the community’s ability to provide safe and quality recreation and physical activity programming. Click here.

Built Heritage Grant Program (Deadline: Oct 1, 2016)
The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation's Built Heritage Grant Program provides support to municipalities, First Nations, incorporated not-forprofit organizations, private individuals, and corporations for projects that conserve the heritage value of a building or structure in order to ensure its retention over time. Click here.  

GoodLife Kids Grant Program (Deadline: Oct 14, 2016) 
The GoodLife Kids Foundation is currently only accepting requests for funding for ongoing physical activity programs for children with special needs - primarily physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Click here. 

Aboriginal Arts & Cultural Leadership Grant (Deadline: Oct 17, 2016) 
SaskCulture's Aboriginal Arts and Culture Leadership Grant supports the sharing of cultural skills and knowledge to young people through participatory cultural activity with First Nations or Métis arts and culture leaders. Click here. 

SPRA First Nation Members Recreation Grant (Deadline: Oct 31, 2016) 
This grant assists First Nation members to develop recreation opportunities in the First Nation communities within Saskatchewan. Click here. 

CIF Grant Tip: Grant Application Checklist

CIF’s next grant deadline is coming up on October 1, 2016 for the Community Grant Program and Community Places & Spaces Program (final deadline). We put together a short checklist of things to remember as you fill out your application: 

Guidelines. You are strongly encouraged to read the guidelines before completing your application. You can find the guidelines as well as other resources (Application Guides and Sample Applications) to help you through the grant writing process here

Online Application. We accept online applications only. The online application allows you to save work as you go so you can come back to your application as many times as you need before submitting. 

Deadline. Our next application deadline is October 1, 2016. Be sure to start your application early and submit it with ample time to ensure there are no technology snags – they do happen!

Contact Information. Be sure your contact information is correct.  We may need to contact you for additional information about your grant, and will be informing you if your application has been successful by using the contact information you provide. 

Budget. The budget in your application is no different than any budget in that it needs to balance! When completing the budget in your CIF application form, please make sure that the total Grant Request amount matches the CIF Total Expenses Budget amount. Make sure your project’s expenses do not start until after December 1, 2016.

Click here for the PDF of this month’s Grant Tip. 

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Saskatchewan’s Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act & is accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina & Moose Jaw casino profits.
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PRIVACY POLICY: This Privacy Policy demonstrates our commitment to your privacy and the security and protection of your contact information. The CIF will not share or sell your contact information without your permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Our records indicate you have registered with the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) or you have applied for a program grant through the CIF. 


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