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May 2016

Is the Community Initiatives Fund in your community yet? 

The CIF supports community projects that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, & adults of all ages. Projects involve early childhood development, youth programming, volunteer leadership, physical activity, Aboriginal inclusion, facility upgrades or renovations, and community celebrations.

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Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016

Thinking of applying to our Community Places and Spaces Program or Community Grant Program? The next deadline is midnight October 1st. Please refer to the guidelines before applying.

Community Places & Spaces Program:
 Offers grants for small capital projects and upgrades to multi-use community facilities. Final Deadline: October 1, 2016.

Community Grant Program:
 Community grants that enhance the health and wellbeing of Saskatchewan's children, youth and families. Annual Deadlines: April 1 & October 1. 

Summer Grant: Support activities for children and youth that occur between May 1 & August 31. Annual Deadline: February 1.

Feature Story: 601 Nutrition Program; AIDS Saskatoon

“Food connects people. To share a meal with your family, in what you consider to be your home, is a powerful thing. Food is a basic and humanizing matter. People stay connected to services when they feel cared for, in a way that goes beyond case management. Food does that in a way that little else can.” – Saraih-Dawn Matthews, 601 Coordinator. 
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The 601 Nutrition Program started in January 2013 through the 601 Outreach Centre in Saskatoon. This program provides free nutritious meals for lunch, Monday through Friday, typically serving 30 people a day. In 2015, they served a total of 226 meals to 7,254 individuals! This program targets people who are affected by, or at risk of HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C. This population is often street involved, homeless, and may be living with an active addiction. Over the past year, the 601 Nutrition Program has improved by offering healthier foods, including healthy sources of protein, and extra sources of vitamins and minerals.

“When I come to the 601, I can be me without judgment.” - Participant. 

“This project has definitely improved the wellbeing of our community” shared Saraih-Dawn Matthews. “People cannot focus on other aspects of their lives when they are starving or malnourished. Knowing of a reliable place that serves lunch is one less thing that people have to worry about that day. Having reliable nourishment could be the difference for these individuals to have the time, energy, and support to focus on other fundamental areas in their lives” Matthews indicates. (Continued…

Click here for the full PDF of this month’s Feature Story.


Closing the Gap, Indigenous Health Innovations Forum – May 25, 2016 in Regina 
The Closing the Gap: Indigenous Health Innovations Forum will explore key policies and activities to improve the health and care experiences for Indigenous people in Saskatchewan. The forum will explore health research outcomes, policies positively impacting population and community health, and community-led participatory health research and programs. Click herefor more.  

VSSN and SNP Meeting of the Minds - June 9, 2016 in Regina 
The Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN) and Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership (SNP) invite you to "Meeting of the Minds", a day-long gathering that will include the release of newly-completed research projects on the sector in Saskatchewan, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. Click here for more. 

Deepening Community – June 7-9, 2016 in Edmonton 
Tamarack Institute will be returning to Edmonton June 7-9 for Deepening Community - a 3-day learning event focused on promising approaches to effectively building community. This is going to be a refreshing opportunity to connect with innovative thinkers about what it takes to build and sustain resilient neighbourhoods and strong municipalities. Click here for more.


CIF's Resource Roundup: Leadership in Nonprofits!
Every month, the CIF will feature a new Resource Roundup PDF on a specific topic. This month, we focus in on Leadership in Nonprofits. Find a variety of formats including quick tips, guides, articles and even TED Talks on the various aspects of leadership from many valuable resources including Charity Village, Nonprofit Answer Guide, SSIR, and more! Click here for more. 

Regina Community Town Hall for Working Together Initiative
In March, the Newo Yotina Friendship Centre and the Regina Immigrant Women's Centre hosted a Community Town Hall event to hear Indigenous and refugee women, the Trans communities and women with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities talk about their experiences of intimate partner abuse, sexual violence, street violence and violence committed by many service providers including healthcare, Corrections and Children's Aid. Click here for more.

UAKN 2016-15 Summary of Research 
The UAKN 2015-16 Summary of Research is now available online, find out the latest key findings and information on the over 50 UAKN Research Projects taking place across the regions. Click here for more.

Vital Signs Builds on Belonging Theme for 2016 & 2017
Last October, the national Vital Signs report entitled Belonging: Exploring Connection to Community was published. As the Community Foundations of Canada continues their journey, they’ll be building on this theme - using their national Vital Signs program to look at both sides of ‘belonging street’ over the next two years. Click here for the article. Click here for a quick video overview of what’s next for Vital Signs. 

Other Funding Sources:

2016 Newcomer Bursary Program (Deadline: May 20, 2016) 
The Regina Open Door Society is accepting applications for the 2016 Newcomer Bursary Program! Newcomer Bursaries are cash awards that are to assist students with meeting the costs of post-secondary (i.e. university or vocational) training. Click here for more.

Youth Healthy Community Grant Program (Deadline: May 31, 2016) 
The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute's Youth Health Community Grant Program is accepting another round of applications. The purpose of these grants is to provide funding for youth-engaged projects in Saskatchewan that focus on preventing alcohol-related harms and/or promoting sexual health education. Click here for more. 

{Re}Conciliation Project (Deadline: June 21, 2016) 
The Canada Council for the Arts, in association with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, and The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada are inviting First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists, collectives and arts organizations to submit applications for projects that investigate and share knowledge on how the arts can contribute to the ongoing process of conciliation and reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Click here for more.

CIF Grant Tip: In-Kind Support

 What you need to know about In-Kind Goods or Services

What you need to know about In-kind Goods or Services In-kind support indicates that there is community support for your project, so this is an important part of your application. In-kind goods and services are contributions that other organizations or businesses in your community are providing free of charge or at a reduced rate to your project. This could include project supplies, professional services, facility and equipment rentals, etc. 

Please note that in-kind contributions are listed here and not in the budget. If any in-kind goods or services will be contributed to your project, select ‘Yes’ to this question and provide the name of the person, company or organization, a brief description of their contribution, and its value. If volunteers will be involved in your project, indicate the number of people that will be volunteering, and a brief description of how they will be involved. 

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Click here for the PDF of this month’s Grant Tip. 

Have other questions about our grants? Drop us a line at admin@cifsask.org.

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Saskatchewan’s Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act and is accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina and Moose Jaw casino profits.
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