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March 2016

Is the Community
Initiatives Fund in
 your community yet? 


The CIF supports community projects that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, & adults of all ages. Projects may involve early childhood development, youth 
programming, volunteer
 leadership, physical activity, 
 Aboriginal inclusion, facility 
upgrades or renovations,
 and community celebrations.

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  - Next CIF Deadline: April 1, 2016

  - CIF Feature Story: Bridge Program, AIM

  - Resources:

  • NEW: CIF's Resource Roundup: Communications
  • SEDA Conference 
  • Volunteers & Donors in Arts & Culture Orgs 
  • Canada Without Poverty: Poverty & Human Rights 
  • Canadians & their Communities: A National Survey 
  - Other Funding Sources:
  • Cameco Creative Kids Northern Cultural Fund
  • Harry Boothman Bursary - CPRA
  • SPRA Grants & Funding Opportunities Guide 
  -  CIF Grant Tip: Demonstrate Successes & Challenges 













Next Application Deadline: April 1, 2016

Thinking of applying to our Community Grant Program? The next deadline is midnight April 1st. 

Community Grant Program: Community grants that enhance the health and wellbeing of Saskatchewan's children, youth and families. Annual Deadlines: April 1 & October 1. 

Community Places & Spaces Program: Offers grants for small capital projects and upgrades to multi-use community facilities. Final Deadline: October 1, 2016.

Summer Grant: Support activities for children and youth that occur between May 1 & August 31. Annual Deadline: February 1.

Feature Story: Bridge Program, AIM (Ability in Me)

The AIM (Ability in Me) Program is a nonprofit Saskatchewan based initiative located in Saskatoon that provides education and support services for children with Down syndrome and their families, helping them reach their full potential. One of the programs offered by AIM is the Bridge Program. “We are very appreciative that we had obtained a grant through the Community Initiatives Fund to help support this program” shared Tammy Ives, Executive Director of AIM. 
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The Bridge Program provides enriched early learning opportunities for children with Down syndrome between the ages of 2 1/2 to 5 years old. This includes spots for peers without Down syndrome to participate, which allows for friendships to develop with peers who have diverse abilities. Collaboration amongst parents, a Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher, Music Therapist and Occupational Therapist enables the program to target a wide-variety of critical skills. Specific areas of focus include speech language, sensory processing, social communication and self-help skills. 

The Bridge Program provides specific services to families that the school divisions are unable to provide for them at this time. The purpose of the program is to help the students improve their skills, while providing a bridge between specialized services and community programming. Some of the students currently attend their community pre-schools which allows them to apply the skills learnt at AIM to be successful in their school setting. “The goal of the program is not to duplicate services, but rather to collaborate with other agencies” shared Tammy. 

“We are seeing some very positive changes in a very short period of time. Students know and can follow the classroom routine and are improving their transitioning skills. The students are imitating more actions during gym, music and circle time which demonstrates their ability to follow directions and their interest in trying new things” said Tracy Baudais, Early Learning Teacher. “Feeding skills have improved, including, holding utensils and requesting items. Students are trying different textures of foods during snack time and are exploring new sensory experiences such as finger paint and shaving cream. Even though our students are at different stages in the development of these skills, they are all making significant progress in their individual goal areas” shared Emily Young, Speech Language Pathologist.

Click here for PDF of this month’s Feature Story.

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Resources: document.png

NEW: CIF's Resource Roundup: Communications!
Every month, the CIF will feature a new Resource Roundup PDF on a specific topic. This month’s topic is on Communications! Find resources on how to build a communications plan, how to create a crisis communications plan, the role of your organization’s brand, and successful blogging and storytelling tips from many incredible sources including the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Charity Village, Nonprofit MarCommunity, and more! Click here.

Creating Intersections for Growth SEDA Conference 
Recharge, reimagine and redesign your future this year at Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA)'s conference in Swift Current on May 31 – June 2, 2016. Click here.

Volunteers and Donors in Arts and Culture Organizations in Canada 
This new report highlights the volunteer time and financial donations given to arts & culture organizations. Click here.

Human Rights and Poverty Reduction Strategies
Human rights move the conversation away from the traditional approach of viewing poverty reduction as an act of charity to an approach that sees poverty reduction as justice. In their newest publication, CWP introduces the people doing antipoverty work — from policymakers to frontline workers — to the human rights approach to poverty reduction. Click here.

Canadians & their Communities: A National Survey on Citizen Engagement & Attitudes 
The comprehensive national survey on issues associated with Canadians and their Communities covered a number of areas including Canadian identification with different types of community, attachment to and overall ratings of communities and views on what constitutes a good community. Click here.


Other Funding Sources:dollar sign.png

Cameco Creative Kids Northern Cultural Program Fund (Deadline: March 15) 
Cameco and Creative Kids Saskatchewan have partnered to offer a program grant to support creative programs for children and youth ages 4 to 19 in Northern communities that address the cultural, creative or artistic needs of their community up to maximum of $7,500. Click here.

Harry Boothman Bursary - Canadian Parks & Recreation Association
 (Deadline: March 31) 

To provide financial assistance to individuals in their pursuit of professional development opportunities in the parks and recreation field. Up to two (2) bursaries, in the amount of $1,000, each shall be awarded each year. Professional Development opportunities must be completed between July 1 and June 30 of the application year. Click here.

2015 SPRA Grants and Funding Opportunities Guide 
Looking for Grant and Funding Opportunities? Check out SPRA’s Grants and Funding Opportunities Guide to find grants to support your projects, programs or initiatives. Click here.

CIF Grant Tip: Demonstrate Successes & Challenges

If your program has been offered before, even if it was not funded by the CIF, write about the successes you achieved and the challenges you faced. By detailing the outcomes you have already achieved, you are proving the need for your program, and showing that a grant will be a good investment to help you continue the work in your community. It is very common for CIF Adjudication Committees to ask what continuing programs have achieved in the past in order to determine if they should receive funding in the future.

Do not be afraid to write about the challenges or weaknesses of your project. It is understandable that organizations will face many challenges, and programs do not always achieve their goals. However, by demonstrating how you plan to address those issues, it shows that your program can adapt, become stronger, and do more to serve your community. Sometimes programs decline due to stagnation, and showing your new ideas to rejuvenate your project can increase your chances of receiving a grant.

The more you can demonstrate your outcomes from past years, and your plan to continue achieving your goals, the higher your changes for successfully receiving a grant.

Click here for the PDF of this month’s Grant Tip. 

Have other questions about our grants? Drop us a line at admin@cifsask.org.

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Saskatchewan’s Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act and accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina and Moose Jaw casino profits.
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