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July 2016

Is the Community Initiatives Fund in your community yet?  

The CIF supports community projects that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, & adults of all ages. Projects may involve early childhood development, youth programming, volunteer leadership, physical activity, Aboriginal inclusion, facility upgrades or renovations, and community celebrations.

Next Application Deadline: October 1, 2016

Thinking of applying to our Community Places and Spaces Program or Community Grant Program? The next deadline is midnight October 1st. Please refer to the guidelines before applying.

Community Places & Spaces Program:
 Offers grants for small capital projects and upgrades to multi-use community facilities. Final Deadline: October 1, 2016.

Community Grant Program:
 Community grants that enhance the health and wellbeing of Saskatchewan's children, youth and families. Annual Deadlines: April 1 & October 1. 

Summer Grant: Support activities for children and youth that occur between May 1 & August 31. Annual Deadline: February 1.

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Over $7.5 Million Awarded to 409 Projects! 

 From Abbey to Zenon Park, Saskatchewan communities will share a total of $7,665,369 in funding, with the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) announcing the approval of 409 grants from its February 1st and April 1st deadlines. With CIF support, Saskatchewan communities benefit from having access to local projects that matter. Our grant programs are targeted to support initiatives that enhance individual and community wellbeing, and improved quality of life for Saskatchewanians. Check out our media release for more information as well as the complete list of grant recipients and their projects! 

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Thank you for your Dedication!

The CIF bids farewell to Alan Tanchak who has served on CIF’s Board of Directors for 8 years and has served as chair for the past 2 years. You will be greatly missed and we wish you well in your future endeavors! CIF would also like to acknowledge Esther Haas who has finished her first term, having served on CIF’s Board for the past 4 years. We appreciate the strong dedication and wisdom that you both have brought to the Board!

Feature Story: Voluntary Sector Studies Network

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The Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN) is an interdisciplinary, community-university collaborative, comprising students, the nonprofit sector and faculty/staff administered out of the VSSN office at Luther College at the University of Regina. “The VSSN has greatly benefited from a two-year CIF grant worth $209,888, which helped implement a ground-breaking 2015-2017 VSSN Action Plan. This grant enabled us to realize our priorities of community outreach, as well as research and curriculum development, including the new Certificate in Nonprofit Sector Leadership & Innovation (NSLI)” shares Gloria DeSantis, Founder of VSSN.

Click here for the full PDF of this month’s Feature Story.

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Resource Roundup: Mental Health in the Nonprofit Workplace 
Every month, the CIF features a new Resource Roundup PDF on a specific topic. This month's topic is on Mental Health in the Nonprofit Workplace! Find quick tips for self-care and how to avoid burnout, a webinar on mental health in the nonprofit workplace, a how-to guide on workplace mental health promotion, and a resource that provides workshops on workplace mental health for both employees and employers. Click here. 

Boland Survey of Not-For-Profit Sector Salaries and Human Resource Practices
Are your salary ranges and benefits comparable to other nonprofits and charities? How can you best attract and retain staff in your organization? Have your organization's HR leader complete the 2016 Boland Survey between now and September 1st to be eligible to access this wealth of data and information. Click here. 

Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan Survey 
The SPRA's Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan survey was developed to establish a baseline of research in the province and capture public perceptions on the contributions that parks and recreation make toward the overall quality of life we enjoy in Saskatchewan. Click here. 

2016 ParticipACTION Report Card 
The 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth highlights the important relationship between sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour and shows how sedentary lifestyles are connected to a creeping 'sleepidemic' in Canadian children and youth. Click here. 

Let's Start a Conversation about Health 
This video by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit does a great job of addressing the social determinants of health. Click here.


Other Funding Sources:

Arts Outreach Program (Deadline: Aug 1, 2016) 
Southeast Connection is excited to partner with Cultural Exchange to offer south east communities the opportunity to get creative. The Arts Outreach Program gives communities/organizations the opportunity to apply for a half day or full day workshop in one of three disciplines. Guidelines & Application | Follow-Up

Multicultural Initiatives Fund - Project Funding (Deadline: Sept 30, 2016) 
The Multicultural Initiatives Fund aims to advance multiculturalism in Saskatchewan by supporting projects encouraging people in Saskatchewan to share, learn, appreciate, respect and accept cultural diversity. Click here. 

Built Heritage Grant Program (Deadline: October 1) 
The Built Heritage Grant Program provides support to municipalities, First Nations, incorporated not-for-profit organizations, private individuals, and corporations for projects that conserve the heritage value of a building or structure in order to ensure its retention over time.Click here. 

One-Time Grant for Non-Designated Commercial Heritage Property (Deadline: Oct 1) 
This one-time grant provides up to $10,000 to assist the owners of undesignated heritage property. The goal is to promote the conservation and adaptive re-use of commercial heritage buildings in Saskatchewan and raise awareness of the benefit of heritage designation. Click here


CIF Grant Tip: CIF's Online Application System

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What you need to know about CIF's Online Application System

All grant applications must be submitted online, and paper copies will not be accepted. Click here for a PDF of important items to remember when you are completing your online application, including: 

1. selecting the correct grant program; 
2. choosing the correct deadline; 
3. confirming your grant request matches your budget; 
4. ensuring you include the correct SK incorporation number; 
5. selecting the correct project start and end date; and 
6. successfully submitting your application. 

Click here for the PDF of this month’s Grant Tip. 

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Saskatchewan’s Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act and is accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina and Moose Jaw casino profits.
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