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Is the Community Initiatives Fund in your community yet?

CIF supports community projects that enhance the quality of life for children, youth, and adults of all ages. Projects may involve early childhood development, youth programming, volunteer leadership, physical activity, Aboriginal inclusion, and community celebrations.

Next Application Deadline: February 1, 2017

Thinking of applying to our Community Grant Program Summer Grant? The next deadline is midnight February1st. Please refer to the guidelines before applying.

Summer Grant: Support activities for children and youth that occur between May 1 & August 31. The types of projects typically supported include summer camps and day programming during the summer months that offer positive recreation, arts, culture and learning opportunities. Annual Deadline: February 1.

Community Grant Program:
 Community grants that enhance the health and wellbeing of Saskatchewan's children, youth and families. Annual Deadlines: April 1 & October 1.

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 CIF is inviting applications from individuals throughout Saskatchewan who are interested in serving on one of our four Adjudication Committees! The Adjudication Committees will be responsible for reviewing applications from our Community Grant Program and making grant recommendations to the CIF Board of Directors. 

     - Find the details here
     - Find the application here

To apply, send your completed application form to mleisle@cifsask.org by December 2, 2016. If you have any questions about the application process or adjudication requirements, contact Matt Leisle at 306.780.9397 or mleisle@cifsask.org.

Feature Story: Enabling Inclusive Arts; listen to dis quote.jpg
Listen to Dis Community Organization Inc.

 Enabling Inclusive Arts; Listen to Dis Community Organization Inc. This program targets anyone living with a disability that wants to spread their creative wings. It reaches many different communities including various disability communities, the arts community, agencies and their employees working with marginalized people, and a broad spectrum of others who make up LTD’s audiences. 

“The true integration and acceptance of the broader community has changed the way each and every member feels about themselves and the world around them” said Foster. 

For the full story, click here
For a list of previous Feature Stories, click here

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Resources & Events:

Resource Roundup: Community Planning & Development 
Every month, the CIF features a new Resource Roundup PDF on a specific topic. This month's topic is on Community Planning & Development. Find a number of resources that aim to help build and strengthen communities for everyone to live and thrive in. Click here. 

2016 Canadian Index of Wellbeing National Report 
Is our overall quality of life getting better or worse? Are we getting closer or moving farther away from realizing the kind of Canada we want to live in? The 2016 Canadian Index of Wellbeing national report compares trends in Canadian wellbeing, showing that the gap between economic growth and wellbeing is widening. Click here. 

Nominate a Volunteer for Canada’s Volunteer Awards 
Canada’s Volunteer Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of individual volunteers, not-for-profit organizations and businesses across the country in helping communities. Nominate a volunteer, a not-for-profit organization, or a business for the Canada’s Volunteer Awards. Click here

Active Toy Guide 
The Active Toy Guide is filled with great gift ideas to help kids of all ages burn off steam, chart an active outdoor adventure and experience the joy of movement. Use the Active Toy Guide to find one or two active ideas to keep the whole family moving all year long! Click here.

Major Events in 2017 A Year of Celebration

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of Confederation begins with a bang with the Canada 150 Kick Off on Dec 31, 2016. From St. John's to Victoria, Montreal to Whitehorse, Canadians will celebrate the launch of Canada's 150th anniversary with memorable activities and exciting performances held in 19 major urban centres across the country. Find out which 19 cities will stage a major event on December 31. Click here. 

Winter 2017 Courses in Nonprofit Sector Leadership & Innovation Certificate 
Two NSLI courses are being offered through the Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation Certificate program in winter 2017: Nonprofit Communications and Nonprofit Advocacy & Community Development. For information on how to register for these courses contact Jennifer Billan at the Voluntary Sector Studies Network at Luther College, Robin Markel in the Centre for Continuing Education, or Mary Vetter at Luther College. Click here. 

After School Resources for Saskatchewan Practitioners 
This new portal supports after school program planning, promotion, evaluation and parent engagement. Resources are drawn from the national Active After School website, and from colleagues across the country. New content will be added throughout the school year so keep checking back! Click here

Other Funding Sources: 

SPRA 2016-2017 Grants and Funding Guide 
Our sector relies heavily on grant opportunities to deliver important programs and services across the province. SPRA has compiled over 130 unique opportunities specific to Sport, Culture and Recreation into the SPRA Grants and Funding Opportunities Guide. Click here. 

Main Street Saskatchewan Grant Program (Deadline: Jan 15, 2017) 
The Main Street Saskatchewan Grant Program supports the implementation of the Government of Saskatchewan's Main Street Saskatchewan program by providing funds to local Main Street organizations and the owners of properties located in participating Main Street program areas for community organization, economic restructuring, marketing and heritage conservation and design projects. Click here. 

Leadership Development Grant (Deadline: Feb 1, 2017) 
The SPRA Leadership Development Grant encourages members to develop human resources needed to continue building community capacity that will advance recreational opportunities. Click here. 

Municipal Cultural Planning and Engagement Fund (Deadline: Feb 15, 2017) 
The Municipal Cultural Engagement and Planning Fund aims to support Saskatchewan municipalities and First Nations Bands wanting to explore and plan for the creative and cultural potential of their community through cultural engagement and planning initiatives. Click here. 

Take The Lead! Funding (First come first serve until Feb 28, 2017) 
Take the Lead! is a program focused on fostering leadership skills in youth aged 11-14. The Take the Lead! Training Assistance Program is available to schools or community organizations interested in implementing a Take the Lead! program. Click here

CIF Grant Tip: The Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of your Grant Application:

The executive summary is the first section that will be read in a grant proposal. The summary should explain the community problem and your proposed solution. Ensure you express the need of your program and the results you aim to achieve. 

The summary may be the most difficult part of the grant proposal to write. Although it is listed at the beginning of your application, consider completing the summary last. This is because the summary provides the overview of the entire grant proposal. 

The summary of your proposed project must be clear and concise. You may also include a short description of your organization, but keep in mind CIF’s maximum word count of 500 words. 

Once you have completed the summary, be sure to do the Litmus Test by asking yourself: if a person read only this description, would they be able to understand the entire intent and scope of the project?

For an example of what CIF is looking for in an executive summary, click here.

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Saskatchewan’s Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act & is accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina & Moose Jaw casino profits.

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PRIVACY POLICY: This Privacy Policy demonstrates our commitment to your privacy and the security and protection of your contact information. The CIF will not share or sell your contact information without your permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Our records indicate you have registered with the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) or you have applied for a program grant through the CIF. Unsubscribe here
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