In Northern Focus: Dreams to Recreational Reality in La Loche

Leonard Montgrand is taking his home town seriously. And personally. As executive director of the La Loche Friendship Centre and program manager for the local Sport, Recreation and Culture District, Montgrand speaks of plans for his town’s recreational complex and how the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) has assisted.


Over sixty per cent of La Loche’s 3000 residents, over one-half under 35 years of age, now enjoy a state of the art skateboard park, games court and youth centre. More than fifty youth and adolescents use these facilities daily as they engage in basketball, volleyball and winter rink activities. The La Loche Friendship Centre is now planning an outdoor playground to add to its architecturally designed multipurpose recreational complex.


The La Loche Town Council, Friendship Centre, the Sport, Recreation and Culture District, Juex Canada Games and the Community School, along with the CIF and hundreds of resident volunteers, have contributed to this safe, supervised recreational complex in La Loche. Asphalt was poured, lighting added, and bingo fundraisers were held to raise matching funds for CIF’s grants since 2010.


“The Community Initiatives Fund has been the catalyst and fundamental for La Loche to attain its multi-purpose recreational centre,” says Montgrand. “CIF’s grant support has given our community the confidence needed to make this dream a reality. Our youth, all residents actually, now have a state of the art recreation centre with many options for participation … and we’re setting a standard for nearby communities!”


The CIF has once again contributed through a recent grant under its Community Vitality Program, offering support for an adjacent outdoor playground.


Montgrand also expresses his personal gratitude. Video games have become a distant second choice for his young family who now enjoy basketball and skating.  La Loche has never been so vibrant!


  Photos credit:  Leonard Montgrand, La Loche Friendship Centre      



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