April 1 Deadline Reminder

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Community Grant Program deadline: April 1, 2017

Thinking of applying to our Community Grant Program? The next deadline is midnight April 1. The Community Grant Program supports projects and initiatives that: 

  • provide positive opportunities for children and youth to grow and develop skills, self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle; 
  • include physical activity and problem gambling initiatives; 
  • ensure families have access to support and resources to create healthy, caring and safe environments; 
  • celebrate the history and accomplishments of Saskatchewan communities;  
  • encourage and support individuals to become involved as active citizens, volunteers, and community leaders; and 
  • strengthen Saskatchewan’s nonprofit sector. 
As a reminder, the Community Places and Spaces Program has ended. Please note that capital projects are not eligible under the Community Grant Program. 

Please note that you must follow the updated guidelines. CIF’s guidelines have been updated to improve clarity on what is eligible under CIF’s Community Grant Program. Before completing your grant application, you are strongly encouraged to read the updated guidelines to ensure your expenses are eligible. 

Changes to eligibilities include: 
  • Honorariums are ineligible, except for those paid to Aboriginal Elders to a maximum of $150/day and elder helpers to a maximum of $50/day. Tobacco may be part of the Elder honorarium, but the total cost of the honorarium and tobacco may not exceed $150/day.
  • Equipment, furniture, and other purchases previously ineligible may be eligible if directly related to the delivery of the project. 

Find CIF's updated Community Grant Program guidelines here.

We encourage you to submit your application well before the deadline to allow time for questions and avoid technology snags. Apply here

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Saskatchewan's Community Initiatives Fund is a Special Purpose Fund created through The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act and is accountable to the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. Our programs are funded through a portion of the Regina and Moose Jaw casino profits.

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