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Something for everyone is the theme of community programming in Martensville this year as the Martensville Community Access Centre (Centre) designs its programs to best meet the needs of all ages ... youth and all adults, with this year's focus on those over 50.

In Martensville, a dynamic and newer city just north of Saskatoon, community programming is being tailored to respond to the needs of its residents. Programs through the Centre range from social and cultural opportunities to recreation, health, employment resources, even assistance with computers and phones. Since inception in 2008, community programming has helped serve residents with baby and toddler programs, daycare and babysitter lists, literacy training, even a homework club. This year programming extends to older adults and seniors, in part through a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund.

"Seniors bring a depth of practical knowledge from their considerable (life) experiences." explains Kristee Lynn Adrian, coordinator of the Martensville Community Access Centre. "This kind of wisdom and presence enriches every member of our community."

The Centre also set the stage for older adults and seniors with discussions and several meetings about the types of community programming that would most interest them. They spoke of excursions and transportation, the challenges of computers and social media, even health and low-cost physical fitness for seniors.

Martensville's Seniors Week in early October began with a seniors' Soup and Pie event, enticing over 140 people to enjoy seniors' homemade soup and pie. Many volunteers, including youth, helped serve and clean up, and help with the heavy lifting! Proceeds provided support for the Martensville New Horizon Centre for older adults and seniors.

Later that week older adults and seniors attended a Meet and Greet event that provided opportunity to explain to a youth the games they had played in past days. They also discussed how these activities could be incorporated into Martensville schools and community events. Discussions also focused on options for community programming relating to older adults and seniors.

Days later the Centre partnered with the City of Martensville's Recreation Department to feature a visit to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm. Twenty-six residents, ranging in age from four months to the late 70s, participated. More seniors' programming plans are now being made.

"We're striving to provide something for everyone here (at the Centre)." states Adrian. "We listen to what older adults want, then try to incorporate it into our community programming. The bonus, though, is the overwhelming value these individuals give back ... like being great adult allies for our youth."

Adrian notes that seniors programming adds meaning and richness to everyone's lives and is a great boost for community spirit, as well.


  One in five Martensville residents is over 50. Photo credit:  Kristee Lynn Adrian (on behalf of the Martensville Community Access Centre).

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