Coleville's Hall Gets A New Cover!

Coleville’s Hall Gets A New Cover!


The community of Coleville will soon replace its Community Hall roof, thanks to dedicated Coleville businesses, residents and the Community Initiatives Fund. Details of the roof replacement are being noted and a tender will soon be issued to companies able to undertake this project.


Damage from wind and rain has caused “damming” on the existing roof, a build-up of snow that melts and freezes into the roof. Subsequently, the ceiling of the Hall harbours water that drips through the structure, onto the hardwood floor.


The new roof will be expensive, so last spring community leaders applied to CIF’s Community Vitality Program for a Capital Grant, receiving $46,000 toward their new roof.


“When full, our hall accommodates over 400 people,” says Gillain Lund, administrator for the Village of Coleville and R.M. of Oakdale. “It’s (the hall) a great facility and probably the largest for miles. Weddings and funerals, oil patch safety meetings, even family reunions happen here! Our community wants—and needs—this hall in top condition.”


Fundraising continues. A Street Dance garnered support last August and some businesses and residents have also made donations. More efforts are planned.


For more detail on the roof replacement, contact Ms. Gillain Lund at or 306.965.2281.


Grant information about the Community Initiatives Fund is available from Ms. Rhonda Newton, Grants Administrator, at or  306.780.9308.

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