CIF Helps Consul Renovate Rink!

It’s time.  Twenty years have passed. Time for rink renovations, more ceiling insulation, and other minor repairs and updating that include new floor mats for hockey and figure skaters. … Updates, just in time for the Village of Consul’s centennial celebrations in 2014!

This rink is the community activity and almost year-round meeting area for Consul and surrounding area residents. Almost all of these 500 or more people enjoy hockey, curling and figure skating, or even summer get-togethers in this facility … a community icon amid 3636 square kilometers (1404 square miles) of southwestern Saskatchewan’s rolling hills and prairie.

Built in 1958 as a curling rink and expanded to include a skating and hockey arena a decade later, Consul rink upgrades and renovations are needed about every 20 years to ensure safe and comfortable operation. The rink is home to three minor hockey teams and a senior’s recreation league, a figure skating club and a curling club. It’s also a gathering place for local celebrations and events.

“Over time and with arduous patience our small community of Consul is again updating its key gathering facility, the rink.” says Nancy-Jean Taylor, fundraising coordinator for the Consul Skating Rink Inc.. “Our (Consul) residents have come together with a unified presence, each bringing specific skills and talents, then adding pride and community spirit as we update and renovate this common, shared facility!”

Broader community support and leadership for the work are also evident.  The Rural Municipality of Reno secured an interest-free loan for the rink’s new header and chiller to help ensure the new equipment was affordable and in place this winter, and to provide ice and set the stage for the renovations and upgrades.

“Without community commitment such as this R.M. support, the entire rink complex would not have been functional, or upgrades attainable, this year.” Taylor added. 

“The Village of Consul is exemplary in many ways.” says Tracey Mann, executive director of the Community Initiatives Fund. “This community has come together to update their anchor facility—the skating and curling rink—and help sustain community life. Efforts like these help us (Community Initiatives Fund) design programming that best meets the needs of Saskatchewan communities.”



(L):  An early 1960s Consul hockey team. (R): Consul Rockets Midget Rockets win Provincial Championship 2006 - 2007. 

Photo credit:  (L) Property of Nancy-Jean Taylor. (R) Nancy-Jean Taylor

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