CIF Grant Helps Create Great Lanigan Playground!

Recesses at Lanigan’s Elementary Now More Memorable!

Working long and tirelessly, five moms from the Lanigan Elementary School formed a Playground Fundraising Committee, determined to earn double-digit thousands for their school’s new playground. When other communities around them received grants for playground facilities from the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF), the path became clear. In April 2012, Lanigan Elementary School received a $20,000 grant from the CIF, setting the stage for a host of new playground equipment.

“My memories of school revert to recesses, the fun we all had playing on the swings and slides and monkey bars.” says Danielle Knudsen, chair of the Lanigan Elementary School Playground Committee. “So when our children’s playground no longer met standards and the one big slide had to be removed, we knew we had to do something!” 

Fundraising for Lanigan Elementary School’s new playground equipment involved young and old, the school and businesses, and included some innovative activities. 

“We sold raffle tickets for bikes donated by Centennial Ford in Watrous.” says Knudsen.  “We auctioned some great pies at Jansen Steakfry, hosted by Jansen Kinsmen. The school held a Skate-a-thon where parents and grandparents made pledges to the students. We also held a Ride a Ford event with the Watrous Centennial Ford dealership. Ford donated $20 to us (Lanigan Elementary School Playground Committee) each time someone test drove one of their vehicles. Centennial Ford also donated two bikes for raffle with tickets sold by school children.”

“When the Community Initiatives Fund gave us a $20,000 grant, that (grant) became the catalyst, and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan donated the rest!” says Knudsen. “The new playground equipment was then installed before school opened last September, one whole year ahead of schedule!”

Lanigan Elementary School’s new playground was purchased from an equipment company from nearby Watson. This company’s representative supervised as volunteer community members placed and secured the new playground equipment.

This year about 130 children use the new playground at the Lanigan Elementary School, many returning in the evenings to add even a little more fun to their day.

Lanigan is 125 km (77 mi) southeast of Saskatoon.


Photo credit:  Danielle Knudsen

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