Bullying Rebuked!

CIF Grant Supports Humboldt Anti-Bullying Workshop


Fourteen adults—all women—gathered in Humboldt April 23-24, 2013 with a strong, common interest:  to learn more about bullying and help prevent its existence in their respective communities.

The St. Dominic School Community Council, in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, delivered a two-day workshop about bullying to school community council members from Humboldt and nearby communities. By completing the Beyond the Hurt Bullying Prevention workshop, these adults become informed and equipped with tools and techniques to help manage or dispel this aggressive and harmful behavior. Each person could also continue to educate parents and others about the impact of bullying and harassment, especially on youth, offering strategies to families to help reduce or eliminate bullying, violence and abuse. Earlier in the year, St. Dominic’s School Community Council formed an anti-bullying initiatives committee known as Building Bridges, making bullying a priority and a key focus.

The school council had previously attempted to conduct a similar workshop but found that training and the entry fee for participants was prohibitive for most other school community council members. But this year, after St. Dominic School Community Council received a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) through the Community Grant Program, the bullying prevention workshop in Humboldt became both affordable and timely for other regional School Community Council members to take part.

“Many of those attending our (bullying prevention) workshop had first-hand experience with being bullied…or had suffered through the bullying of a family member.” says Shari Hinz, Building Bridges coordinator and past co-chair of St. Dominic School Community Council. “But all who attended held a deep-seated hunger to more fully understand the behavior, how it can perpetuate through generations, and how to dispel and manage its affects.”

“It is the aim of our School Community Council to foster a positive and nurturing environment, both in our school and into our community.” says Hinz.

Their extended community partners are intentional, as well. By working with other community groups and agencies like Safe Communities Humboldt and Area, the RCMP and PARTNERS Family Services, St. Dominic’s School Community Council strives to inform its entire community about bullying and harassment prevention and intervention. Another objective has been to inform participants of an upcoming youth facilitator training program about healthy and respectful interpersonal relationships.

“Once again the Community Initiatives Fund is investing in communities—through support of this (anti-bullying) training workshop and through the future information-sharing from each of those participat

ing in this workshop.” says Tracey Mann, executive director of the CIF. “Efforts like these substantially contribute to an enhanced quality of life in Saskatchewan communities.”

Humboldt is located about 50 minutes by vehicle east of Saskatoon. 

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