Building a Legacy of Leadership: School Children Take an Active Lead

Considerable pride and self-esteem among youth and adolescents is being fostered through the Take the Lead program and this pride is growing in each of four volunteer schools in the Moose Jaw area.


Led by the South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport in Moose Jaw and supported through the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF), students in these four elementary schools experience leadership as they demonstrate physical activities, encourage belonging, train and mentor others, and have a great deal of fun just by getting involved!


Grade 7s and 8s from Avonlea, Glentworth, Lindale and St. Mary schools, along with their adult coaches, lead and guide students’ physical activities and play at recess, school assembly, at noon and after school hours. With only one day of instruction from the South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport, these students and their coaches actively encourage physical activity, respectful group behaviour, and lead by example. To them, being active has never felt this good!


Elaine Oak, principal of St. Mary School in Moose Jaw, explains. “We’re seeing enormous value by participating in the Take the Lead Program. Those in older grades are learning how to lead and guide those younger. These young leaders are proud of their ability to help others, benefit from the exercise, and learn about mentoring, leading and working together. Those in younger grades have great role-models, too.”


“Everyone benefits!” says Marian Campbell, community development coordinator for the South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport in Moose Jaw. “The teachers see uncommon involvement among students not easily engaged and observe increased self-esteem among those leading the activities.”


“Even parents are volunteering to coach these after-school efforts, and more schools and now communities are showing interest in adopting the Take the Lead program as an after school training initiative for youth. The breadth and impact of delivery is far exceeding our expectations.” says Marian.


The Take the Lead program is supported through CIF’s Physical Activity Grant Program, designed to contribute to active living and physical activity programs throughout Saskatchewan.


       Photo Credits:  St. Mary School, Moose Jaw             

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