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Turtleford's Centennial Gets CIF Support

The Town of Turtleford began its Centennial planning and fundraising almost two years ago, with a view to accommodate its 500 residents, their friends and relatives, and perhaps others from nearby communities. Turtleford's Town Council and its many volunteers now await their June 13-15, 2014 weekend of Centennial celebrations.

Turtleford's planning efforts combined patience with fundraising and forged great volunteer partnerships. By mid-summer of 2012, Turtleford's Town Council had shaped their plans to celebrate their town's Centennial in 2014. 


The Town Trivia raffle contest was a great fundraiser that began 12 weeks before Christmas in both 2012 and 2013. Each year twelve questions about the town framed the raffle contest, and the first four drawn with correct answers received vouchers for local businesses. Part of the proceeds from both Town Trivia raffles helped support Turtleford's 2014 Centennial celebrations. Another raffle involved a barbeque and steak dinner for ten, prepared and served by Town Council, with all items donated by Turtleford's merchants.

"Ideas for fundraisers have often been discussed among Town Council members." says Deanna Lundberg, administrator for the Town of Turtleford. "We didn't want to use taxpayers' funds for the celebrations so our Town Council chose to innovatively fundraise to support celebrations."

The Event.

The date and timing for Turtleford's celebrations involved diverse opinion and lively discussions. Although some wanted the event on a summer long-weekend, the June 14 weekend was selected by consensus, prior to summer vacations or other summer competing events, and harvest.

Volunteers and Council members continue to meet regularly, discussing activities best suited to the Turtleford area, and accommodating the interests of the very young to more elderly residents. Last January the Town Council hired a local comedian and disc jockey for dance music, two main features of Turtleford's Centennial celebrations. Children's attractions and activities, a parade, perhaps a pancake breakfast, a quilt display and historic 'decades of Turtleford history' boards are also being considered and planned. Visitors can stay with friends or family, at the town's motel, in nearby lake resorts, even camp at the Turtleford Lions Park.

"The Turtleford ladies club—of which I am also a member—usually caters at our town functions." says Lundberg. "But this time, they were asked if they would prefer to join the festivities, instead of catering. The Town volunteered to arrange for another catering group to prepare and serve Saturday's evening meal. ...Just this once, our ladies club chose to join the festivities and let others cater!"

"Being flexible and choosing events best suited to residents contributes directly to a community fun-filled event." states Lundberg. "With help from our many volunteers, we can accommodate any size of crowd."

Spreading the Word.

Over 2,000 posters have been distributed to Turtleford and area residents, and the Town's electronic billboard displays details of the June weekend. Tickets are being sold for Saturday's events (June 14), and social media helps reach and inform friends and relatives in more distant locations.


Event partners with the Town of Turtleford include the Ladies Turtleford and District Recreation Association, the Turtleford and District Museum, the Turtleford Chamber of Commerce, various local businesses, many resident volunteers, and the Community Initiatives Fund.

Turtleford is located in west central Saskatchewan, 90 km (56 mi) north of North Battleford.

Aerial photo of Turtleford.  (Photo credit:  Town of Turtleford)

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